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  1. Policy

Blueberries Medical Corp. is a Canadian public company listed in different markets, owns BLUEBERRIES S.A.S., a Colombian company and has operations in Canada, Colombia and Argentina. For all purposes with regard to the website  (the "Website"), the word "BLUEBERRIES" refers to these companies and their subsidiaries.

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  1. Information

BLUEBERRIES is a pharmaceutical company that processes medical quality cannabis and develops its social object from cultivation to the manufacture and distribution of derivatives and/or finished products, and has a scientific committee that is supported with medical professionals, however, for the consumption of medical products, master formulas, traditional medicines and phytotherapeutics, consult your doctor.

The information and contents of any nature found on the Website are the exclusive property of BLUEBERRIES

If you experience any unwanted adverse results that cause allergic reactions or conditions that affect your health, consult your doctor or healthcare provider immediately for the necessary care. BLUEBERRIES do not have reference doctors, nor therapy, therefore it does not issue medical concepts, diagnoses or assessments to people.

No information contained on the Website constitutes a prescription, formulation, instructions for use or the like.


  1. Protection of personal data

Please refer to our Personal Data Protection Policy. [HYPERLINK]


  1. Use of information

It is permitted to freely browse the Website and access, download or use the information on this website, including text, images, audio and video for your personal, non-commercial use. You may not distribute, modify, transmit, reuse, republish or use the information for commercial purposes (including your own or third party's economic benefits), without the prior written consent of BLUEBERRIES.


  1. Intellectual Property. Brands.

The trademarks, symbols, logos, logos, isotypes, isotypes, imago types, names and teachings (the "brands") on the Website are the property of BLUEBERRIES or BLUEBERRIES is authorized to use them. The Marks may not be used without prior authorization, except in the cases established by applicable intellectual property law.

The code and any information on which the Website is based is protected by copyright laws and its unauthorized use is punished by law.

No licenses or rights or any of this intellectual property or rights by BLUEBERRIES are conferred on users of the Website or to third parties.


  1. Warranty warning and limitation of liability

Although BLUEBERRIES make reasonable efforts to ensure that the information is accurate and up to date, the information on the Website may contain inaccuracies or typographical errors. BLUEBERRIES reserve the right to change, modify or improve the information, products and programs contained in this information at any time without prior notice. BLUEBERRIES is not responsible for any errors or omissions in the content of this site.

BLUEBERRIES provide this website and content displayed as "No Warranty" and "No Liability".


  1. Protection of Personal Data

Please refer to our Personal Data Protection Policy. [HYPERLINK]


  1. Products

On the Website there may or may not be photos, descriptions or product catalogs, which may or may not be available worldwide or only in some geographies. For all effects, the texts and images are referenced and are not exact examples of what the products should look like.


  1. Disclaimer

Nothing on the Website is or may be considered an invitation to trade BLUEBERRIES shares in any stocks market or directly. to consult the negotiations of blueberries negotiators. Actual results and achievements may materialize in different ways and be presented in opinions and opinions expressed on the Website.


  1. Links to this website

BLUEBERRIES do not review or inventory any of the third-party websites that contain or may contain links to the Website. Therefore, BLUEBERRIES is not responsible for the content that any of these or other sites link to the Website. BLUEBERRIES allow you to include a link on your website to the Website, however you will not be responsible for your use of either you or any third party. To cite the Website, you must do so appropriately according to the subpoena rules you use, always using the last date of the website update and the date of capture.


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Links to third-party sites may be provided for the interest or convenience of visitors to this Website. The Policy and Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy of third-party sites may be different. BLUEBERRIES accept no responsibility for the links we make to other websites. Blueberries is not responsible for the lack of accuracy or legality of the content of third-party websites. We do not accept any liability arising from any breach or omission in the third-party privacy policy.


  1. Indemnity

You agree to hold BLUEBERRIES and its subsidiaries or controlled companies, as well as their officers, directors, employees and collaborators, harmless from and to keep them free from any claims, liabilities, costs and expenses, including that may result from your use of the Website or violation or violation of the law, Policy or Terms and Conditions. We reserve the right to decide who will legally represent us and will conduct the defense and control of any matter that is in any way indemnified by you.


  1. Current laws

This policy and the others referred to in the Website and the other Terms and Conditions published on the Website, unless otherwise stated therein, shall be subject to the laws of the Republic of Colombia.

Therefore, any judicial or administrative proceedings arising will be governed by such laws and therefore, you as a user of the Website agree to be affront to this legislation.

If in any case or circumstance, for any reason, BLUEBERRIES do not initiate legal action in the event of a violation, this will not mean a transfer or waiver of rights that BLUEBERRIES has over Industrial or Intellectual Property, or any right that BLUEBERRIES holds.


  1. Modifications

BLUEBERRIES may at any time make revisions, changes, modifications or any type of alteration of the Policy and The Terms and Conditions, updating this information. Your use of the Website alone links you to this Policy and any modifications to which it may be.

BLUEBERRIES and/or its other authorized third parties may collect, store and analyze "cookies" in order to improve the quality of the service offered to its users through the Website. The information relating to cookies is anonymous and does not provide or serve to collect any personal information from those who access the Website.