Jujuy Argentina

Blueberries Medical Corp has entered into a binding agreement effective March 25, 2019, to acquire cannabis cultivation, processing, manufacturing, export and other rights in Argentina from BBV Labs Inc. 

Pursuant to a definitive agreement with the Argentinian state-owned company Cannabis Avatara S.E., BBV Labs has entered into a joint venture with Cannava to develop and cultivate cannabis on a 3.2 million square foot (74 acres or 30 hectares) prime agricultural property. 

Cannava will contribute the land as well as all required permits and authorizations necessary to import seeds, cultivate, grow and harvest cannabis, process cannabis and extract cannabis oil and other derivative products for scientific, medicinal and therapeutic purposes and to export cannabis and derivative products and import and export related equipment and products.

To be one of the first and limited number of companies with rights to cannabis licenses in Argentina is a tremendous opportunity for Blueberries to establish itself as a leading South American cannabis company and create a dominant position in these markets.